Secondary Distribution


12-17,5-24 kV

Air-insulated Switchgear designed for Medium Voltage distribution in industrial plants and in the service sector. They are equipped with vacuum or sf6 gas circuit-breakers and with sf6 gas switch-disconnectors

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Medium Voltage metal-enclosed switchgears for indoor use made by standardised air insulated units for secondary power distribution in:

  • Industries, airports, hospitals and shopping centres
  • Infrastructures, data centers
  • Power Generation and renewable energy systems
  • Smart Grid

Classification according to IEC 62271-200

  • LSC2A-PM for panels with switch-disconnector
  • LSC2B-PM with withdrawable circuit-breaker up to 17.5 kV
  • LSC2B-PI with withdrawable circuit-breaker at 24 kV.

Available versions

  • Standard IP30
  • IAC AF arc proof version on front side at 12.5 kA - 16 kA
  • IAC AFL arc proof version on front & laterals sides 12.5 kA
  • IAC AFLR arc proof version on front, laterals and rear sides at 12.5 kA, 16 kA and 21 kA
  • IAC AFLR arc proof version on front, laterals and rear sides at 25 kA for panels LSC2B up to 17.5 kV and for panels LSC2A 12 kV high 2000 mm and wide 750 mm

Features and apparatus

  • Air insulation of all live parts
  • Complete range of functional units and accessories
  • SF6 switch-disconnector
  • Removable and withdrawable vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers
  • Withdrawable vacuum contactor
  • Multi-function apparatus with integrated vacuum circuit-breaker and gas-insulated disconnector
  • Protection relays, integrated on the circuit-breakers or separately mounted

Normal service condition

  • Storage temperature: –5 °C ... +70 °C (*)
  • Range of ambient temperature: –5 °C ... +40 °C)
  • Maximum relative humidity without condensation: 95 %
  • Minimum relative humidity without condensation: 5 %
  • Altitude: ≤<1000 m above the sea level

Standard degrees of protection

The switchgear is supplied with the protection degrees :

  • IP 30 on the enclosure
  • IP 2X the partition between compartments
  • IP 30 on the mechanical operating equipment.

Main Standards Reference

  • IEC 62271-200 for the switchgear
  • IEC 62271-1 general rules for HV - MV
  • IEC 60071-2 for insulation co-ordination
  • IEC 62271-100 for the circuit-breakers
  • IEC 62271-102 for the earthing switch
  • IEC 62271-103 for the switch disconnectors
  • IEC 62271-106 for the contactors
  • IEC 60529 for the protection classes

Surface treatment

The unit frame is made of pre-galvanized sheet.
The front doors are painted grey RAL 7035.
Other colours on request.

Icel Quality Assurance System

  • Complies with ISO 9001 Standards
  • Certified by an independent organisation.