Power Center


LV main distribution switchgears type Power Center designed for energy distribution in industrial plants and in the service sector. They are generally equipped with open withdrawable circuit breakers as well as withdrawable or plug-in moulded case circuit- breakers.

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The LPC type switchgears are designed for use in transformer cabins and stations for the distribution of electric energy mainly in industrial plants and in the service sector. They are realized by assembling standard prefabricated metallic sections equipped with air-break and moulded case circuit- breakers in fixed, plug-in or withdrawable version.Within the series a complete range of cubicles is available; furthermore, combining, in a coordinated construction, our medium voltage switchboards it is possible to realize transformer cabins of a compact type whith reduced overall dimensions for the realization of transformer cabins inside highly used buildings. Main characteristics of the switchgears are:

  • high protection obtained by:
    – sheet steel cladding on all sides of the group of units composing the switchgear
    – internal partitioning between the various units and the circuit breaker compartments
    – internal metal partitioning between the front part of the section (housing the circuit-breakers) and the rear part (housing the bus-bars, the connections and the power cables)
  • availability of the rear part of the unit housing the bus-bars, the connections and the power cables in different forms:
    • non-segregated
    • partially segregated
    • totally segregated
  • Modular prefabricated construction with standard sections and compartments, each complying with precise technical requirements
  • Withdrawable c. breaker compartments equipped with proper guides for each c. breaker fitted in the compartment and auxiliary levers for moving the breaker inside the compartment and catches for locking the same in different positions.
  • Rational equipment lay-out: circuit-breakers, isolating devices and instruments housed in proper compartments
  • Efficient insulation due to the bus-bars and branch connections fully air insulated and composite type insulating bus-bar holders
  • Personnel safety due to the metal structure earthing and access to equipment without risk of contact with live parts of the power circuits
  • Fire hazard safetyusing self-extinguishing insulating materials
  • Service continuity: in the totally segregated version, it is possible to access and replace components at all times without having to cut off power to the switchgear.
  • Combination of the various basic sections in order to fit any electrical installation system


STANDARDS IEC 61439-2 & -1\ IEC 60439-1


  • Ue service voltage up to 690Vac – 750 Vdc
  • Ui insulation voltage up to 1000Vac – 1500 Vdc
  • Uimp impulse withstand voltage up to 12 KV
  • fn rated frequency 50 – 60 Hz
  • Overvoltage category up to IV
  • Pollution degree 3

* Voltage ratings dependent on the installed equipment


  • InA service current up to 6.300 A
  • Icw short-time withstand up to 100 kA, 1”
  • Ipk impulse withstand current up to 220 kA

INTERNAL SEPARATION form 3a - 3b or 4b


  • IP30 with doors closed
  • IP3xD roof horizontal surface
  • IP2x with doors opened

* other degrees on request


MECHANICAL IMPACT PROTECTION IEC/EN62262 = IK10 on the metallic enclosur


  • – stationary indoor installation in environment type A ( network supplied from MV/LV dedicated transformer… )
  • min. ambient temperature -5°C
  • max. ambient temp. +40°C ( average 24h = 35°C )
  • - relative humidity max. 50% at 40°c
  • max. altitude 2.000 mt above sea level


  • frame and inner parts in sendzimir galvanized steel
  • doors and side panels powder-coated semigloss
  • powder-coated parts standard colours :
    • RAL7030 stone grey
    • RAL7032 siliceous grey
    • RAL7035 light grey
  • main and branch busbars made by bare flat copper
  • auxiliary wiring cable N07-VK having black wire


  • material group II ( 400 ≤ CTI < 600 V )
  • fire proof UL94 V0
  • halogen and silicone free
  • insulators in fiberglass reinforced polyester - 130°C
  • some insulating inner parts in.polycarbonate ≥ 120°C


  • height 2.250 mm
  • base depth 1.000 - 1.200 - 1.400 mm
  • sections width 500 - 600 - 700 - 850 - 1.000- 1.100 mm


LOVAG No. IT 13.121

  • Dielectric Properties ( EN 61439-2 )
    • 2200 V x 5"
    • 8 and 12 kV impulse
  • Temperature Rise Limits 6.300 A ( EN 61439-2)

LOVAG No. IT 14.023

  • Short Circuit Withstand ( EN 61439-2 )
    • 100 kA x 1,1" / 220 kAp on main circuits
    • 60 kA x 1,1" / 136 kAp protective circuits
    • protective circuits verification < 0,1 Ω

INTEK No. RP2012-0404-00

  • Degree of Protection IP30 - IP31 ( EN 60529 )
  • Mechanical Impact IK10 ( EN 62262 )
  • Corrosion resistance test type 'A' ( EN61439-1)